It's Snack Time!


Allow us to introduce you to a munchin', crunchin', snackin' machine... meet ROWDY!
He is a real-life "ROWDY GUY" that gets a lot of his energy from Rowdy's Snacks!
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It's snack time... 

In the mood for a hearty snack? WE HAVE IT!      


If the carnivore in you is screaming “feed me” we can fix you up with a tasty “Rowdy’s Hard Tac” or our amazing “Rowdy’s Artisan Summer Sausage” or make a meal of it with “Rowdy’s Brats”.

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"Taste the West at its Best"



About Us

Rowdy’s is a wholly owned subsidiary of Copperstone Foods, LLC.  We are located in Southwest Nebraska, literally the breadbasket of the nation.

Copperstone is owned by three Southwest Nebraska businessmen. Cal Siegfried, Managing Partner, Leigh Hoyt, and Larry Paulsen. Cal and Leigh both grew up near McCook, Nebraska on cattle and wheat farms.

  • Cal was in the cattle feeding business for over 30 years before getting in the meat and snack business.
  • Leigh is involved with a highly successful fertilizer company in McCook so he is the “wheat guy” in this trio.
  • Larry grew up in Cozad, Nebraska. He is President of Paulsen, Inc., a very successful construction company. Larry is known for his entrepreneurial spirit, philanthropy and his support of rural America.

Enough about us…time to get to the food!

For our meat snacks and brats we have the ability to source high quality USDA inspected meats from livestock that are born and raised in this region. Wheat for our “WheatBurst” snacks is grown by farmers we know, in fields we can drive to.  Our “Ancient Grain WheatBursts” are grown with the care and integrity to maintain the wholesome quality of Mother Nature’s oldest grain by farmers that care about what you eat.  

Our Mission

Every aspect of our process to bring you premium quality snacks and entrees is rooted in production agriculture that is grown with the greatest care from true stewards of the land.  ENJOY THE FRUITS OF THEIR LABOR!


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