Rowdy Crowd




It's a family tradition

It began in 1886 when William Wolf came to America from Germany.  With a special blend of spices and seasonings, William created a “hard tac sausage” and a “summer sausage” that has remained a family recipe for over 130 years!  Our operations manager, Gregg Wolf, carries on his grandfather’s timeless German traditions to this very day.

  • Rowdy’s Hard Tac – It’s not jerky and it’s not a beef stick… its “Hard Tac”!  A smoky flavored, dry-cured “eat on the go” sausage snack like nothing you’ve ever experienced!

  • Rowdy’s Jalapeño Hard Tac – Same great recipe as the original Hard Tac with just enough heat to make you want more!

  • Rowdy’s Artisan Summer Sausage – Perfect for snacking or entertaining.  Enjoy the mild smoky flavor and it’s lower in fat so there’s no “tallow” taste. German through and through! Does not need refrigeration until opened. Available locally at Knowlen & Yates and Citta' Deli.

  • Rowdy’s Smokehouse Snack Sticks – Something new to the Rowdy’s family, Rowdy’s Smokehouse Snack Stick! They are a 100% Nebraska pork product. Naturally hardwood smoked in our Nebraska smokehouse. This snack is fairly mild…in other words, a snack that everyone will enjoy! Shelf stable, no refrigeration required so you can take this tasty stick anywhere; hunting, fishing, golfing, hiking and heaven forbid, even work!

  • Rowdy’s Campfire Snack Sticks – Also new to the Rowdy’s family, Rowdy’s Campfire Snack Stick! Again, they are a 100% Nebraska pork snack stick. Same basic recipe as the Smokehouse sticks but with just enough spice to warm you like a wilderness campfire!

  • Rowdy’s“Just Right” Seasoning – With a little bit of garlic, a hint of onion, and a cowboy sized pinch of pepper, Rowdy’s is perfect on beef, pork, chicken or lamb.

  • Virchew Beef Jerky - In association with our co-packing partner, Omaha Snack Co, we present Virchew Original Beef Jerky! This is a hand crafted, whole muscle chopped and formed beef jerky with no nitrates or nitrites. Here's the perfect fitness focused snack food for fitness focused meatheads!